Insomnia Lyrics

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Insomnia Lyrics

আবারো অন্ধকার এসে দাঁড়ায়
নির্ঘুম আকাশে নীল নক্ষত্র
খুঁজে যাই, অচেনা কোন দৃশ্য
জ্বলছে নিভছে মগজে
অবশ সম্মোহন

শেষ রাতের তারাদের আলোয়
আমি জেগে থাকি
নির্ঘুম এই শরীরে,অসহায়

আড়ালে কাঁদছে তীব্র বিষাদ
আশরীরি শুন্যতায় খুব একা
এসব পায় না শুনতে কোন ঈশ্বর
শব্দহীন এক মানুষ আমার ভেতর

নিয়ে যাও এই গান ঘুমের বিনিময়ে
চাই না আমি কিছুই আলোর উৎসবে

Meaning of Insomnia Lyrics

Insomnia lyrics delve deep into the realm of existential contemplation, traversing through themes of darkness, loneliness, and the quest for meaning amidst a vast, indifferent universe. The imagery painted by the verses evokes a profound sense of introspection and solitude, resonating with the human experience of grappling with one’s own existence and the mysteries of life itself.

Insomnia lyrics opening lines depict a return to darkness, metaphorically portraying times of emotional or spiritual turmoil. The “darkness” could signify moments of confusion, despair, or simply the overwhelming complexities of life that cast shadows over clarity and purpose. Amidst this obscurity, there lies a quest under the starry sky, where each twinkling star represents an unknown scene or moment, symbolizing the search for elusive answers or perhaps a sense of direction.

Insomnia lyrics further unfold to illustrate the internal struggle of the narrator. The mind is depicted as both burning and extinguishing, suggesting a tumultuous battle between passion and introspection, desire and restraint. This dichotomy reflects the profound internal conflict within individuals, torn between desires of the heart and the rationality of the mind, all amidst an enchanting yet confusing world.

As the song progresses into the last night’s stars illuminating the narrator’s wakefulness, there is a poignant realization of vulnerability and helplessness within this darkened body. The imagery of the stars offering light amidst darkness symbolizes moments of clarity or revelation that occasionally pierce through the pervasive gloom of existence, moments that inspire reflection and deeper understanding.

 Insomnia Lyrics

Insomnia lyrics verses continue to delve into the depths of emotional anguish, where tears fall in the darkness and a sense of profound emptiness prevails. This portrayal of emotional turmoil and isolation resonates deeply with anyone who has experienced despair or profound loss, highlighting the struggle to find solace or meaning in life’s trials and tribulations.

Insomnia lyrics conclude with a poignant plea to take away this song in exchange for sleep, indicating a yearning for respite from the overwhelming emotional burden. The reluctance to engage in the celebration of light suggests a rejection of superficial distractions or false comforts, seeking instead a genuine understanding or connection with the universe and oneself.

In essence, this song is a lyrical journey through the complexities of human emotions and existential contemplation. It captures the universal themes of loneliness, introspection, and the quest for meaning amidst life’s uncertainties. The imagery and symbolism used paint a vivid picture of internal struggles, spiritual longing, and the relentless pursuit of truth and understanding. It speaks to the deep-seated emotions and vulnerabilities inherent in the human condition, inviting listeners to reflect on their own journeys and search for meaning in a vast and often perplexing world.

About the Author of the Song

Insomnia Lyrics

Insomnia is a Bengali song sung by Sarower Jahan Shuvo. Insomnia is the 8th Track of the debut album Tritio Srenir Jibon. Insomnia lyrics were written by Sarower Jahan Shuvo. The tune and music of the song were composed by Riot. Insomnia song was mixed and mastered by Suharto Sherif & Anamul Hasan Raju. Insomnia song was released on Riot YouTube channel on Jun 17, 2024.

Song – Insomnia Lyrics
Singer – Sarower Jahan Shuvo
Compositions & Arrangement: Riot
Mix and Master: Suharto Sherif & Anamul Hasan Raju
Produced By: Aziz Ayon & Bappy Hasan
Lyrics: Sarower Jahan Shuvo
Guitar : Bappy Hasan
Drums : Aaqib Shahriar Shuvo
Bass : Niloy Barua
Artwork: Ahad Antor & Sarower Jahan Shuvo
All Songs recorded and produced at (Studio 100 Miles)

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