Hridpakhi Lyrics

Hridpakhi Lyrics | হৃদপাখি | Nilayan Chatterjee | Dadur Kirti

Hridpakhi Lyrics

ও.. হৃদপাখি, ও.. হৃদপাখি
বদলাতে চাও বাড়ি,
যত্ন পেলে মেনে নেবো
সুখের ছাড়াছাড়ি,
যত্ন পেলে মেনে নেব
সুখের ছাড়াছাড়ি।

হৃদপাখি যে আমার নেই আর
ধরেছে পিরিতি কারবার,
আটকালে সে করে অত্যাচার
ও ও.. হৃদপাখি, বদলাতে চাও বাড়ি
যত্ন পেলে মেনে নেবো,
সুখের ছাড়াছাড়ি।

আঁচড় মেরে মেরে করে
ঘর দেয়ালে কালশিটে,
এই হৃদ-আকাশের প্রেম যেন
তুফান ভরা কলসীতে।

এ.. ও.. হো হো ..

হৃদপাখি খোঁজে পথ পালাবার
মশাল খোঁজে ঘর জ্বালাবার,
আমায় সে আপন মানে না
ও.. হৃদপাখি, বদলাতে চাও বাড়ি,
যত্ন পেলে মেনে নেবো,
সুখের ছাড়াছাড়ি,
ও.. হৃদপাখি রে হৃদপাখি।

Meaning of Hridpakhi Lyrics

Hridpakhi song titled “Hridpakhi” in English, meaning “Bird of the Heart”, is a poignant expression of longing, inner conflict, and the desire for change. Hridpakhi lyrics evoke themes of emotional turmoil, the search for happiness, and the struggle to break free from constraints.

Hridpakhi lyrics central metaphor of the song is the “হৃদপাখি” or “Bird of the Heart,” which symbolizes the inner self, emotions, and desires. The singer addresses this metaphorical bird, urging it to change its course and seek a new home. This reflects a longing for transformation, a desire to escape from the current state of suffering or dissatisfaction.

Hridpakhi lyrics opening lines, “ও.. হৃদপাখি, ও.. হৃদপাখি বদলাতে চাও বাড়ি” (“Oh… Bird of the Heart, oh… Bird of the Heart, you want to change your home”), set the tone for the song. It conveys a sense of restlessness and a yearning for change. The repetition of the phrase emphasizes the urgency of this desire.

Hridpakhi lyrics continue to explore the emotional struggles faced by the singer. They speak of the bird’s longing for love and its experience of suffering and mistreatment. The lines “হৃদপাখি যে আমার নেই আর / ধরেছে পিরিতি কারবার” (“The bird of my heart no longer exists / It has embraced the burden of love”) highlight the pain of unfulfilled desires and the weight of emotional burdens.

Hridpakhi Lyrics

Hridpakhi lyrics imagery employed in the song further enhances its emotional depth. References to walls, storms, and flames evoke a sense of confinement, turmoil, and passion. For example, the lines “আঁচড় মেরে মেরে করে / ঘর দেয়ালে কালশিটে” (“Pounding relentlessly on the walls of the house”) depict a sense of frustration and a desire to break free from limitations.

Throughout the song, there is a tension between acceptance and resistance. The singer acknowledges the challenges faced by the heart but also expresses a determination to overcome them. This is reflected in the lines “যত্ন পেলে মেনে নেবো / সুখের ছাড়াছাড়ি” (“I will accept caution / In exchange for happiness”), suggesting a willingness to endure hardship in pursuit of joy.

Ultimately, “হৃদপাখি” is a song about the human condition—our yearning for love, our struggle with inner conflicts, and our quest for fulfillment. It captures the universal experience of seeking happiness and transformation amidst life’s challenges. Through its evocative lyrics and imagery, the song invites listeners to reflect on their own emotions, desires, and aspirations. It speaks to the resilience of the human spirit and the possibility of finding peace and contentment, even in the face of adversity.

About the Author of the Song


Hridpakhi bengali song Is sung by Nilayan Chatterjee from “Dadaur Kirti” web series. Hridpakhi lyrics was written by Nilayan Chatterjee. Dadaur Kirti bengali web series directed by Rahool Mukherjee. Hridpakhi song mixed by Gaurub Ray and mastered by Subhadeep Pan. Hridpakhi was released on SVF Music youtube channel on Apr 5, 2024.

Singer: Nilayan Chatterjee
Composer & Lyricist: Nilayan Chatterjee
Dotara – Amit Sur
Flute: Subhamoy Ghosh
Acoustic Guitar – Arijit Chowdhury
Back Vocals- Arijit, Sayan, Nilayan
Music arrangement & programming – Sayan Samrat
Additional arrangement: Subhadeep Pan
Mixed by Gaurub Ray
Mastered by Subhadeep Pan

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