Hoyeche Boli Ki Shon Lyrics

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon Lyrics | হয়েছে বলি কি শোন | Shreya Ghoshal

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon Lyrics

হয়েছে বলি কি শোন, হারিয়ে ফেলেছি মন
করবি কি আর সেই উপহার, পেয়েছি অনেকক্ষণ

একে একে হলে দুই, চাই না আর কিছুই
আমাদের যেন ঘিরে ঘিরে রাখে শাল মহলের বন
তুই ভোর হয়ে আয়, আমার ভাঙ্গাতে ঘুম
তুই রাত হয়ে যা, আমার পাড়া নিঝুম
ভালোবাসাবাসি, কাছে আসা আসি,
চায় যা করেছে মন
ভালোবাসাবাসি, কাছে আসা আসি,
চায় যা করেছে মন।

আমার বাগানে আয়, ভরে দেব জোছনায়
আমি জল হয়ে ভেজাবোই তোকে চাইলে সারাজীবন
এলে বড়দিন, এলে বরষা, এলে মধুমাস, এলে খেলাঘর
এলে বড়দিন (বেড়াতে যাব)
এলে বরষা (চুপি চুপি চচকাবো)
এলে মধুমাস (বলনা কি চাস)
এলে খেলাঘর (খেলনা হব)

তোকে পেল মন, অবাক রকম
তোকে পেল দিন, অরুপ রতন
তোকে পেলে শেষ, দিনের আনিমেষ
তোকে পেলে বেশ আমার মতন

ভালোবাসাবাসি, কাছে আসা আসি,
চায় যা করেছে মন।
হুম ভালোবাসাবাসি, কাছে আসা আসি,
চায় যা করেছে মন।

Meaning of Hoyeche Boli Ki Shon Lyrics

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon lyrics is a Bengali romantic track that expresses a range of emotions associated with love and longing. The lyrics depict a narrative of love, loss, and the joy of finding love again. The singer reflects on the ups and downs of a romantic relationship, capturing moments of heartbreak, surrender, and eventual happiness.

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon lyrics initial lines convey a sense of defeat and heartache, suggesting that the singer has lost something precious. The mention of receiving a gift after losing and experiencing many moments implies a renewal of hope and love. The recurring theme of unity, wanting nothing more than each other, creates an image of a bond that surpasses material desires.

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon lyrics verses continue with vivid imagery, comparing the beloved to dawn and night, symbolizing the cyclical nature of their relationship. The metaphor of encircling love like a shawl in the forest emphasizes a desire for enduring and protective love. The contrasting images of morning and night also evoke a sense of completeness and comfort.

The refrain “ভালোবাসাবাসি, কাছে আসা আসি, চায় যা করেছে মন” (translating to “I love, I come close, whatever the heart desires”) reinforces the central theme of love, closeness, and fulfilling the desires of the heart. The repetition of this refrain throughout the song serves as a powerful anchor, underlining the singer’s emotional state.

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon Lyrics

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon lyrics later verses bring in elements of nature, such as the garden, moonlight, rain, and playing fields, to create a rich tapestry of romantic metaphors. The singer expresses a willingness to immerse themselves in love, symbolized by being soaked in moonlight or playing in the rain. These metaphors convey a sense of surrender and openness to the beloved.

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon lyrics final verses celebrate the arrival of different seasons, depicting them as opportunities for togetherness and joy. The mention of a garden, the desire to get wet in the rain, and the playful attitude towards life underscore a carefree and passionate approach to love.

In the closing lines, the singer expresses awe and admiration for the beloved, comparing them to a rare gem. The joy and fulfillment found in this newfound love are evident, emphasizing the uniqueness and irreplaceability of the beloved.

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon lyrics is a poetic exploration of the complexities of love, from heartbreak and longing to the rediscovery of joy and completeness in a new relationship. The lyrics use vivid imagery and metaphors from nature to convey the depth of emotions associated with love, making it a rich and evocative piece of romantic music.

About the Author of the Song

Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon is a bengali song from the movie Pradhan. Hoyeche Boli Ki Shon is sung by shreya ghoshal. and papon. Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon Lyrics is composed by shantanu moitra and the beautiful lyrics is written by Prasen. Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon was released on the youtube channel Saregama Bengali on Dec 13, 2023.

Movie Name – Pradhan
Song Name: Hoyechhe Boli Ki Shon Lyrics
Composer: Shantanu Moitra
Vocals: Shreya Ghoshal, Papon
Lyrics: Prasen
Music Producer: Archit & Smit
Orchestral Music Programmer: Kaizad Patel

Guitars & Uke: Rickraj Nath
Drums & Percussion: Vaibhav Wavekar
Shreya Ghoshal and Papon vocals recorded at Sound
Ideaz by Kittu Myakal
Live Music recorded at P Cube Studios by Archit & Smit
Mixed and mastered by Hopun Saikia

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