Ghawr Bhange Lyrics

Ghawr Bhange Lyrics | ঘর ভাঙে | Meghatithi Banerjee

Ghawr Bhange Lyrics

ঘর ভাঙে দমকা ঝড়ে
মন ঢেকে যায় আঁধারে,
ভালোবাসা শোনে বিচ্ছেদ নামা
হাহাকার চাপা এ বুকে।
রূপকথা শেষ শ্বাস ফেলে
ছেড়ে গেছে হাত চিরসখা,
প্রণয়ে বাজে পরাজয়ের গাথা
হারিয়ে গেছে চেনা বন্ধুতা।

যত্নে শুকোনো গোলাপেরা
আজও জানে শুরুর কথা,
আদর মাখা ভোরবেলা
হাতে হাত রেখে রাত জাগা।
ভিড় জমানো স্মৃতিকণা
আজ শুধু দেয় ব্যেথা,
হারতে আমি চাইনা
জেতার পথ যে অজানা,
হারিয়ে গেছে চেনা বন্ধুতা
খুঁজে ফিরি সেই চেনা বন্ধুতা।

তাস জোড়া খেলাঘরে
ঘুন ধরেছে নিস্বাড়ে,
ধুলো মাখে কোনে ভাঙা স্বপ্নেরা ..
দিশেহারা পথ পেরোতে,
মন চেনা সাঁকো খোঁজে
মেলে শুধু ওপার শূন্যতা,
প্রণয়ে বাজে পরাজয়ের গাথা
হারিয়ে গেছে চেনা বন্ধুতা,
খুঁজে ফিরি সেই চেনা বন্ধুতা।

Meaning of Ghawr Bhange Lyrics

Ghawr Bhange lyrics you’ve provided seem to convey a poignant and melancholic narrative, rich with poetic imagery and emotions. The song reflects on the theme of lost love, separation, and the inevitable struggles that accompany the journey of life. The verses paint a vivid picture of heartbreak and the profound impact it has on one’s inner world.

Ghawr Bhange lyrics opening lines describe a storm breaking the walls of the home, symbolizing the turmoil within the narrator’s heart. The mention of darkness enveloping the mind suggests the emotional depth of the experience. The reference to love hearing the farewell in the midst of separation and the laughter echoing in the heart conveys the bittersweet nature of love and parting.

Ghawr Bhange lyrics following lines delve into the conclusion of a love story, where the protagonist has let go of the hands of a beloved companion. The metaphor of storytelling ending and the breath being released signify the closure of a chapter in the narrator’s life. The verses also touch upon the inevitability of the narrative, where love transforms into the echoes of defeat, and familiar friendships are lost.

Ghawr Bhange lyrics then shift to the resilient nature of memories, comparing them to withered roses that still remember the beginnings. The act of adorning the morning with affection, holding hands through the night, and the crowded memories evoke a sense of longing and nostalgia. The mention of memories providing only pain suggests that the past is now a source of sorrow rather than joy.

Ghawr Bhange Lyrics

The central theme of the song becomes more apparent as the narrator expresses a desire not to lose but to seek those familiar friendships again. The search for lost connections, the pain of defeat, and the quest for the unknown path of victory are all woven into the narrative. The repetition of the refrain emphasizes the yearning to rediscover those lost bonds.

The song’s imagery becomes more introspective, with references to playing games in the field of duality, holding dreams shattered by dust, and searching beyond the city’s paths. The familiar void, the search for identity, and the meeting only in the emptiness add layers to the emotional complexity of the lyrics. The echoing refrain reinforces the theme of lost connections and the ongoing quest for familiarity.

In conclusion, Ghawr Bhange lyrics is a lyrical journey through the depths of emotions associated with love, separation, and the search for lost connections. The poetic language and vivid imagery create a profound narrative that resonates with the universal themes of human experience. The repeated emphasis on seeking those familiar bonds encapsulates the essence of the song, capturing the emotional nuances of a journey marked by both loss and the relentless pursuit of connection.

About the Author of the Song

Ghawr Bhange Lyrics

Ghawr Bhange is a bengali song sung by Meghatithi Banerjee from Hoichoi’s Web Series Antarmahal. Ghawr Bhange lyrics is written by Meghatithi Banerjee. The music of Ghawr Bhange is composed by the music director Shibasish Banerjee. The webseries Antarmahal Directed by Abhrajit Sen And Written by Neel B Mitra.

Singer- Meghatithi Banerjee
Music Director- Shibasish Banerjee
Lyrics- Meghatithi Banerjee
Guitars- Surjo Bhattacharjee
Flute- Swarajit Ratul Guha
Backing Vocals- Shibasish Banerjee
Mix- Anindit Ray

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