Ful Naki Bhul Lyrics

Ful Naki Bhul Lyrics | ফুল নাকি ভুল | Mahtim Shakib

Ful Naki Bhul Lyrics

তোমায় আলো ভেবে
আমি নিভেছি অন্ধকারে,
তোমায় ফুল ভেবে
ভুল করে করেছি বারেবারে।

এই ভুল হয়ে থাক ভুল
তুমি হয়ে থাকো অন্য কারো ফুল,
অন্য কারো ফুল..

তোমায় পথ ভেবে
আমি হেঁটেছি বহুদূর,
তোমায় ঠিকানা ভেবে
হারিয়ে গেছি কতদূর।

এই ভুল হয়ে থাক ভুল
তুমি হয়ে থাকো অন্য কারো ফুল,
অন্য কারো ফুল..

তোমায় স্বপ্ন ভেবে
ভুলে গেছি বাস্তবতা,
তোমায় প্রেম ভেবে
লিখেছি ভুল কবিতা।

এই ভুল হয়ে থাক ভুল
তুমি হয়ে থাকো অন্য কারো ফুল,
অন্য কারো ফুল ..

Meaning of Ful Naki Bhul Lyrics

Ful Naki Bhul lyrics you provided seem to convey a sense of longing, regret, and the recognition of mistakes in a relationship. The singer reflects on their emotions and actions, expressing a deep connection to someone they love. The song is filled with metaphors, particularly using the imagery of light and darkness, flowers, and dreams.

Ful Naki Bhul lyrics first stanza, the singer talks about thinking of the person they love even in moments of darkness. The contrast between light and darkness symbolizes the emotional highs and lows of the relationship. The mention of thinking of the person like a flower and repeatedly making mistakes suggests a cycle of errors and regrets in the relationship.

Ful Naki Bhul lyrics second stanza continues to emphasize the theme of mistakes, urging the person to stay as someone else may appreciate them like a flower. The repetition of “অন্য কারো ফুল” (someone else’s flower) highlights the possibility of missed opportunities and the consequences of the singer’s actions.

Ful Naki Bhul Lyrics

Ful Naki Bhul lyrics third stanza shifts to the theme of distance and loss. The singer reflects on walking far away, losing the address of the person they love. This could metaphorically represent the emotional distance that has grown between them. The use of the word “হারিয়ে গেছি কতদূর” (lost how far) implies a sense of losing direction and purpose in the relationship. The chorus reinforces the idea of making mistakes and encourages the person to be someone else’s flower. The repetition of this refrain emphasizes the inevitability of the errors and the need for the person to move on.

Ful Naki Bhul lyrics fourth stanza introduces the concept of dreams and how the singer has forgotten reality while thinking about the person. The mention of writing a wrong poem about love suggests a misinterpretation or misrepresentation of feelings. The theme of dreams versus reality adds another layer of complexity to the emotional landscape of the song.

In conclusion, the song appears to be a poignant reflection on the singer’s mistakes in a relationship, marked by regrets, distance, and a recognition that the person they love may find happiness elsewhere. The use of vivid imagery and metaphorical language enhances the emotional depth of the lyrics, making it a powerful exploration of love, loss, and self-realization.

About the Author of the Song

Ful Naki Bhul is a bengali song from the drama Hridoye Hridoy. Ful Naki Bhul is sung by Mahtim Shakib. Ful Naki Bhul lyrics is written by Mizanr Rahman Aryan. Ful Naki Bhul is released on the youtube channel CMV music on Dec 4, 2023.

Song: Ful Naki Bhul lyrics
Singer: Mahtim Shakib
Lyrics: Mizanr Rahman Aryan
Tune & Music: Jahid Nirob
Mix & Master: Sumon Parvez
Studio: Butter Communication

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