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Ei Obelay Lyrics

এই অবেলায়, তোমারি আকাশে,

নিরব আপোষে ভেসে যায়।

সেই ভীষন শীতল ভেজা চোখ

কখনো দেখাইনি তোমায়।

কেউ কোথাও ভালো নেই যেন সেই,

কতকাল আর হাতে হাত অবেলায়?

কতকাল আর ভুল অবসন্ন বিকেলে

ভেজা চোখ দেখাইনি তোমায়।

সেই কবেকার ভায়োলিন,

বেজে যায় কতদিন

প্রানে চাপা ঢেউ, দেখেনি আর কেউ।

কখনো অভিমান, অবাধ্য পিছুটান

জানিনা কি কষ্টে এই অবেলায়।

তবুও নির্বাসন বাসর সাজিয়ে,

ঠোঁটে চেপে ধরা থাক ভালোবাসায়।

ঘুনে খাওয়া মেঘে কালো হয়ে যায় হৃদয় যখন

একা একা শুধু অকারণেই ঝরে বৃষ্টি এমন।

আজও তাই, অবাক রঙে এঁকে যাই

সাদাকালো রঙ মাখা ফানুসের মুহুর্ত রাঙাই।

ভীষণ কালো মেঘ,

পুড়ে ছাই আবেগে আজও তাই,

অবাক জোছনায় পোড়া চোখ তবুও সাজাই।

এই সন্ধ্যায়, দুচোখ সাগরে,

বুকের পাঁজরে ভেসে যায়।

অবাক জোছনায় লুকিয়ে রেখেছি

ভেজা চোখ দেখাইনি তোমায়।

Meaning of Ei Obelay Lyrics

Ei Obelay Lyrics is a poignant portrayal of a person’s inner turmoil and emotional distress. The speaker seems to be addressing a loved one who has left them alone in a desolate and silent sky. The lyrics are filled with vivid and evocative imagery that highlights the speaker’s sense of loss and abandonment. Ei Obelay Lyrics opening line, in which the speaker bemoans the length of time since they last saw their loved one, establishes the mood for the rest of the song. 

The speaker wonders if anyone cares about them in the big, empty world in the second verse, which maintains the subject of loss and separation. The musical theme is first introduced in the third verse, which features a picture of a gloomy violin playing in the distance.

Ei Obelay Lyrics

The speaker’s sense of pride and stubbornness, which occasionally hinders them from acknowledging their suffering and seeking assistance from others, are examined in the fourth stanza. The speaker describes how their heart feels heavy and burdened during moments of loneliness and melancholy in the fifth verse, which introduces the metaphor of rain and gloom. 

The speaker admits in the final verse that they were unable to express their actual emotions to their loved one, returning to the topic of loss and separation. Overall, the song is a poignant and moving reflection on the complexities of love and loss, and the ways in which we struggle to express our deepest emotions.

About the Author of the Song 

Ei Obelay Lyrics was written by the popular bangladeshi band Shironamhin, which was founded in 1996. They have developed a sizable fan base among Bangladeshi music fans throughout time, making them one of the most well-liked bands in the nation. Their songs are renowned for their distinctive fusion of rock, folk, and classical elements as well as their thought-provoking lyrics, which frequently address social and political topics. 

The hit albums “Jahaji,” “Ichchhe Ghuri,” “Bondho Janala,” and “Baksho Rohoshyo,” among others, were all released by Shironamhin over the years. They were instrumental in developing Bangladesh’s modern music industry and their songs have become anthems for a generation of young people. 

Sheikh Ishtiaque from the Shironamhin Bangla Band performs the song Ei Obelay. Kazy Ahmad Shafin composed the music, and Ziaur Rahman wrote the Ei Obelay Lyrics. Aqsa Samara Karim, Prantar Dastider, Nishat Farzana Sinthy, and the Shironamhin Team are the stars. Abhishek Das is the singer of the song Koto Kotha Bola Holo Na Priyo. Unmesh Ganguly and Sneha Chatterjee are the stars. Abhishek Das composed the music, and he also help to wrote the Ei Obelay Lyrics.

Song: Ei Obelay Lyrics
Lyric: Ziaur Rahman
Tune: kazy Ahmad Shafin
Band: Shironamhin
Direction: Mir Shariful Karim Srabon
Editing & Color Grading: Mostafa Prokash
Director of Photography: Saqeeb Niloy Associate
Cinematographer: Ashfak Islam Abir
Direction: Tamanna Tasmeem
Production House: Van Gari
Production Controller: Tamanna Tasmeem
Executive Producer: Anisul Islam
Video Story: Kazy Ahmad Shafin
Screenplay: Anisul Islam Prantar Dastider
Audio Artwork & Design: Ziaur Rahman

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