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Brishty Lyrics

সব কুয়াশা জমে থাকে
ঘাসে শিশির হয়ে
তারই মাঝে হেঁটে বেড়াও তুমি মেয়ে,
একটু কথা আর একটু সুরে
অপূর্ণ এ গান,
তোমার ছোঁয়া পেয়ে হয়তো
পূর্ণ হয়ে যাবে। ..

বৃষ্টি তুমি আর কেঁদো না
জল হয়ে ঝরে পড়ো না,
বৃষ্টি তুমি আর কেঁদো না
আমাকে আর ভিজিয়ো না।

আমি হয়েছি নিখোঁজ
তোমায় খুঁজে খুঁজে,
শূন্য রাজপথে দাঁড়িয়ে তুমি মেয়ে,
হাজার কষ্ট বুকে চেপে রেখেছো
ডাকছি তোমায় ফিরে এসো
রোদন ভুলে। ..

বৃষ্টি তুমি আর কেঁদো না
জল হয়ে ঝরে পড়ো না,
বৃষ্টি তুমি আর কেঁদো না
আমাকে আর ভিজিয়ো না।

Meaning of Brishty Lyrics

Brishty lyrics express a range of emotions, particularly focusing on longing, unrequited love, and perhaps a sense of loss or separation. Brishty lyrics appears to be a lyrical expression of complex emotions, possibly revolving around unfulfilled love and longing. It speaks of a protagonist, presumably a male, who is deeply affected by the absence or distance of a female figure, referred to as “মেয়ে” (mey, meaning girl or woman). The imagery evoked is that of rain, with the raindrops symbolizing tears and emotional turmoil.

Brishty lyrics opening lines paint a picture of melancholy, with the accumulation of frustration and sadness likened to the gathering of clouds before a rainstorm. The persona addresses the girl, urging her to walk amidst the raindrops, symbolizing the shared experience of sorrow and longing. The reference to incomplete songs suggests a sense of incompleteness or unfulfilled desires in their relationship.

The refrain “বৃষ্টি তুমি আর কেঁদো না” (brishti tumi ar kendo na) reinforces the plea for the girl not to cry anymore, indicating a desire to alleviate her pain and suffering. The persona implores her not to let her tears fall like raindrops, emphasizing the need to overcome sorrow and find solace.

Brishty lyrics

As the poem progresses, the persona reflects on his own search for the girl amidst emptiness and desolation. The imagery of standing alone on a deserted road conveys a sense of isolation and longing. The girl is portrayed as the object of his relentless search, with her absence causing him immense pain and anguish.

Brishty lyrics line “হাজার কষ্ট বুকে চেপে রেখেছো” (hazar kosto buke chepe rekhechho) suggests that the persona carries a burden of countless sorrows in his heart, alluding to the depth of his emotional turmoil. Despite the pain, he continues to call out to her, urging her to return and forget their past grievances.

The repetition of the refrain underscores the urgency of the persona’s plea, as he implores the girl not to cry and soak herself in sorrow any longer. The refrain serves as a refrain, anchoring the emotional core of the poem and highlighting the theme of emotional healing and reconciliation.

Overall, the poem delves into themes of love, longing, and emotional healing, employing rain and water imagery to convey the depth of the persona’s emotions. It captures the essence of human vulnerability and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Through its poignant verses, the poem invites readers to reflect on the complexities of love and the transformative power of emotional catharsis.

About the Author of the Song

Brishty lyrics

Brishty is a bengali song performed by Man Grove Band. Brishty Lyrics was written by and tune by Jonayet Minhaj. Mixing and Mastering by Abid Ahmed Ivan. Artwork done by Partho Dibos Chowdhury. Brishty song was released on Man Groove Youtube Channel on Sep 29, 2023.

Song : Brishty
Band : Man Grove
Lyricist : Jonayet Minhaj
Mixed and Mastered : Abid Ahmed Ivan
Artwork : Partho Dibos Chowdhury
Lyrical video : Sayham Shihab

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