Bhalobashi Bhalobashi lyrics

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi Lyrics | ভালোবাসি ভালোবাসি | Rabindra Sangeet | Hothat Dekha | Anupam Roy & Subhamita

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi Lyrics

Bhalobasi Bhalobasi

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi

Dibosho rojoni tomay

Du-chokhe rekhe je khuje berai

Bhalobasi Bhalobasi (x2)

Okarone daaka

lukiye tomake dekha (x2)

Udashi e mone

khola-chokh noyone

Swapne bhese jai

Du-chokhe rekhe je khuje berai

Valobashi Valobashi

Pasha-pashi chola

chup kotha kichu bola (x2)

Hridoyer badhone

e prothom fagune

Ki kotha rekhe jai

Du chokhe rekhe je khuje berai

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi

Dibosho rojoni tomay

Du-chokhe rekhe je khuje berai

Bhalobasi Bhalobasi ..

Meaning of Bhalobashi Bhalobashi Lyrics

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi lyrics is a song that conveys the deep feelings of love and desire. It is sung in Bengali and perfectly expresses the essence of a profound love and fervent desire to be with someone. The singer’s quest to discover and express their love is vividly portrayed in the lyrics.

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi lyrics line which translates to “I love you, I love you,” is repeated at the beginning of the song. The emphasis on the repetition highlights how intense and sincere the affection is that is being communicated. It establishes the mood for the next verses of the song, which examine the numerous facets of this love.

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi Lyrics

The singer’s search for their beloved is described in the first line. The phrase “Dibosho rojoni tomay, Du-chokhe rekhe je khuje berai,” which means “Day and night, I search for you with my eyes wide open,” symbolises the sleepless nights spent looking for their presence. This line expresses the singer’s constant need for the company of their loved one and the aching and yearning they have.

The chorus, which is repeated several times during the song, highlights how intense their love is. A statement of love, “Bhalobashi Bhalobashi” expresses the singer’s adoration and devotion. The song emphasises the sincerity and depth of the feelings being communicated by repeating this line.

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi Lyrics

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi lyrics following verse begins to convey a sense of secrecy and mystery. “Okarone daaka, lukiye tomake dekha” is a phrase that translates to “Calling you silently, I catch a glimpse of you.” It implies that the singer’s and their loved one’s relationship is kept secret from the outside world and that they like having these secret encounters. The lyrics emphasise the strong bond between the two people and their capacity for verbal communication.

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi lyrics that follow describe the singer’s depressed and daydreaming mood. The lyrics “Udashi e mone, khola-chokh noyone, Swapne bhese jai” mean “In a desolate mind, with open eyes and dreamy thoughts, I drift away.” This verse portrays the singer’s imagination taking flight as they immerse themselves in dreams of their loved one. It captures the bittersweet nature of longing, where the mind finds solace and happiness in fantasies and daydreams.

Bhalobashi Bhalobashi lyrics third verse changes the emphasis to the two people’s nonverbal communication. “Pasha-pashi chola, chup kotha kichu bola” translates to “Walking side by side, saying silent words.” It implies that the vocalist and their loved one have a deep knowledge of one another and that words are not essential to express their sentiments. Even in the absence of vocal contact, their company offers comfort and calm.

The verse’s concluding lines imply the passing of time and a sense of melancholy. The poetry “Hridoyer badhone, e prothom fagune, Ki kotha rekhe jai” is translated as “Bound by the ties of the heart, in this early spring, what stories are left behind.” It shows the performer and their beloved’s shared memories and experiences, illuminating the sentimental value they take on these tales.

As the song comes to a close, the chorus is repeated, emphasising the main theme of love. The song’s lyrics, “Du-chokhe rekhe je khuje berai, Bhalobashi Bhalobashi,” express the singer’s unwavering commitment and never-ending search for love. The continuous confession of love echoes the idea that their love is unwavering and eternal, representing the intensity of their feelings.

Song : Bhalobashi Bhalobashi Lyrics
Singer: Subhamita, Anupam Roy
Lyricist: Goutam Susmit
Music Director: Raja Narayan Deb

In conclusion, the poignant song “Bhalobasi Bhalobasi” portrays the intense feelings of love, longing, and the search for a beloved.

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