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Borne Gondhe Chonde Gitite Lyrics

বর্নে গন্ধে ছন্দে গীতিতে,
হৃদয়ে দিয়েছো দোলা।
রঙেতে রাঙিয়া রাঙাইলে মোরে,
একি তব হরি খেলা।
তুমি যে ফাগুন, রঙেরও আগুন
তুমি যে রসেরও ধারা।
তোমার মাধুরী তোমার মদিরা
করে মোরে দিশাহারা।

মুক্তা যেমন শুক্তিরও বুকে
তেমনি আমাতে তুমি
আমার পরাণে প্রেমের বিন্দু তুমি শুধু তুমি।

প্রেমের অনলে জ্বালি যে প্রদীপ
সে দীপেরও শিখা তুমি।
জোনাকি পাখায় ঝিকিমিকি নেচে
এ রীতি নাচালে তুমি।
আপনও হারায়ে উদাসী প্রানের
লহগো প্রেমাঞ্জলি।
তোমারে রচিয়া ভরেছি আমার
বাউল গানের ঝুলি।

মুক্তা যেমন শুক্তিরও বুকে
তেমনি আমাতে তুমি
আমার পরাণে প্রেমের বিন্দু তুমি শুধু তুমি।

চমকি দেখিনু আমার প্রেমের
জোয়ারও তোমারই মাঝে।
হৃদয় দোলায় দোলাও আমারে
তোমারও হিয়ারিই মাঝে।
তোমারও প্রানের পুলকও প্রবাহ
নিশীথে চাহে আমাতে।
যপ মোর নাম, গাহ মোর গান
আমারই একতারাতে।

মুক্তা যেমন শুক্তিরও বুকে
তেমনি আমাতে তুমি
আমার পরাণে প্রেমের বিন্দু তুমি শুধু তুমি।

Meaning of Borne Gondhe Chonde Gitite Lyrics

Borne gondhe chonde gitite lyrics sings about how music has a heavenly power and may fill our life with happiness, tranquilly, and love. “Borne Gondhe Chonde Gitite,” the name of the song, approximately translates to “In the smell of the woods, with the beat of music.” In the song’s lyrics, it is discussed how music can mend heartbreaks, unite individuals, and foster harmony and unity.

Usually, a harmonium plays along with the song, giving it a softer, more laid-back tone. To emphasize the calming impact of the tune and the lyrics, the harmonium is frequently performed again. Borne gondhe chonde gitite lyrics includes percussion instruments like the tabla in addition to the harmonium, which gives the music a mellow and rhythmic feel. Borne gondhe chonde gitite lyrics has a calming, meditative feel to it that is enhanced by the delicate tabla playing. The song’s vocals are typically delivered in a mellow, melodic style that enhances the meditative atmosphere of the song.

Additionally, it discusses how music’s melodies have the power to cross all barriers and speak directly to a person’s soul. Ultimately, the song honors the strength and beauty of music and the many ways it can enrich, inspire, and uplift people’s lives.

About the Author of the Song

Rabindranath Tagore wrote the well-known Bengali ballad “Borne Gondhe Chonde Gitite,” which has been sung by a variety of musicians, including SD Burman. One of the most well-known and adored Bengali songs, it has been performed by a number of musicians throughout the years. It features a straightforward tune that is relaxing and nicely catches the essence of the lyrics. The song’s straightforward melody and typical slow tempo evoke calmness and tranquility in the listener.

It is possible for the listener to concentrate on the song’s atmosphere and the words’ beauty because the lyrics are performed in a clear and unadorned manner. Numerous well-known Bengali performers have performed the song throughout the years, and it has also appeared in a number of movies and television programmers. The song has been translated into numerous languages, including Hindi and English, as a result of its popularity spreading beyond Bengal.

Borne Gondhe Chonde Gitite Lyrics

Borne gondhe chonde gitite lyrics has had cultural repercussions in Bengal in addition to its musical effects. Because of the song’s appeal, environmental awareness and conservation initiatives have been boosted in the area. The lyrics extol the wonder and beauty of nature. The song is frequently sung during festivals and cultural events, and it has also been linked to the celebration of the Bengali New Year.

Song: Borne Gondhe Chonde Gitite Lyrics
Artiste : S.D.Burman
Music Director : S.D.Burman
Lyricist : Mira Dev Burman

There are many lofi versions of “Borne Gondhe Chonde Gitite” available on YouTube and many lo-fi channel also has its slowed+reverb version.

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